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Myofascial Release 4 Physios

After a successful tour of the UK, and now going Australia-wide, introducing


A fascinating journey into the Fascial Matrix, this exciting course combines Muscle Strength Diagnostics and Myofascial Release Massage for the treatment of all forms of musculo-skeletal pain and dysfunction, sports injuries, headaches, whiplash and many more with GUARANTEED RESULTS.

Regain strength in minutes without exercises

In only one and a half days you will be able to transform your abilities into a more whole-body approach with sometimes seemingly miraculous results. Myofascial release massage is becoming one of the most studied techniques in the world as the science behind how fascia works continues to grow. Don't get left behind!

What some participants have said:

"I used (the approach) the next day and the patient thought I was a miracle worker…” Paul, Physio, Chester

"I enjoyed the course very much thank-you and have already tried out a treatment on a physio colleague to good effect.”  D Graham, Physio, Lincolnshire

The course on Saturday was great and I have been able to try things out whilst at the rugby club tonight. I found it very interesting and the information made some things I have come across make much more sense.”  K Brown, Physio, Mansfield

Thank you for letting me take part on Saturday I really enjoyed it and certainly hope you do more courses in the future. I would definitely recommend that one to others.“  N Woolsey, Sports Massage Therapist, Loughborough

I hope to see you on the courses soon.


Peter Mitchell